Five-week Entrepreneurship Programme


"It's not about ideas, it's about making them happen"


People incubating or still without an idea but searching for one.

There will be 70 applicants chosen for the program. A group of entrepreneurs have been specially invited to coach the teams that are formed out of the participants. Previous entrepreneurial experience is not necessary. People of any age and with any background are welcome to apply for the program. The key is having an interest in entrepreneurship.


A four-week entrepreneurship program for people interested in the startup culture and entrepreneurship.

 Applicants chosen for the program get to develop their business ideas in the guidance of experienced entrepreneurs. Jyväskylä Entrepreneurship Society is coordinating the program in collaboration with Jyväskylän Yritystehdas.

The program is free of charge.


The event starts at 12th of January 2021 and ends with the grand finale which is going to be at 4th of February. 

The application period is 8.11-13.12.2020!


Supercoaches of last year

September 17th

Validating Business Ideas

Pirjo Suhonen

Pirjo Suhonen is the founder of Ivana Helsinki, the first Nordic company to participate in the Paris fashion week. While her sister Paola took care of designing their products, Pirjo was responsible of the business side of the fashion company. In Discovery Tuesday, she will discuss creativity, business validation and how to spot ideas that may become upcoming megatrends.

September 24th

Generating Income

Aslak De Silva

Aslak De Silva has been managing sales and marketing for over 10 years with proven track record. In his current position as the CEO of Nordic Business Forum he has a great lookout on business models in various industries. Before working for world’s most significant business conference, he was part of building the global success story of Naava. In his keynote, Aslak will share his expertise on business models, thus giving you insight on how to take your idea to next level and generate income with it.

October 1st

Creating the Perfect Pitch

Lennu Keinänen

Lennu Keinänen is a serial entrepreneur and business angel. He has been an entrepreneur since a teenager and during these 20 years, he has been involved in more than 20 companies, either as a founder, investor or advisor. His biggest success is Paytrail, one of the biggest payment services in Finland, which he made an exit from in 2014. Now Lennu will share his experiences on pitching from both sides of the table.

Lennu's photo by Tero Takalo-Eskola


Meet The Team

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Project Manager

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Event Producer

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