Five-week Entrepreneurship Programme


"It's not about ideas, it's about making them happen"


People incubating or still without an idea but searching for one.

  Previous entrepreneurial experience is not necessary. People of any age and with any background are welcome to apply for the program. The key is having an interest in entrepreneurship.

You can apply with a ready-made team or on your own, which gives you a chance to get to know new people assigned to your team!


A five-week entrepreneurship program for people interested in the startup culture and entrepreneurship.

 Applicants chosen for the program get to develop their business ideas in the guidance of experienced entrepreneurs. Jyväskylä Entrepreneurship Society is coordinating the program in collaboration with Jyväskylän Yritystehdas.

The programme is in English and free of charge. This time, DT will be a hybrid event and includes a chance to earn 2-5 ECTS credits for students!


  • 12.1. Team building & why start-ups succeed

  • 19.1. Validating business idea

  • 26.1. Generating income

  • 2.2. Pitching & marketing = How to present company/idea

  • 9.2. Grande finale: Pitching competition




Mika Fisk is a business coach at Startup Factory (Yritystehdas) where he trains entrepreneurs to develop and build more effective solutions for their businesses. He has worked with sales throughout his career and for the last ten years, his work has focused on the field of entrepreneurship. In Discovery Tuesday, he will speak about team building and the factors of startup success. 🔥

Mikael Markkula is the creative director and co-founder of Growth Hacking Partners which provides solutions and services for growth marketing. Mikael has several years of experience in entrepreneurship and in Discovery Tuesday, he will be sharing his insights about generating income with a business. 🔥

Juha Harju, founder and CEO of Woolman, is a passionate entrepreneur with experience in growth entrepreneurship. His specialty is in the IT field: Before founding Woolman, he led Descom’s growth to an e-commerce business of 250 experts. In Discovery Tuesday, Juha will come to share his secrets of how to present a company in order to help DT participants pitch their business ideas. 🔥

Roope Rämänen is the CEO and co-founder of Finnchat that provides digital chat services for companies. In addition, he’s chairing the boards of two other companies and has 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship. In Discovery Tuesday, we will get a chance to learn about validating a business idea from Roope. 🔥


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