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We are a team of true experts & multi-taskers.

Suvi, Jacob, Jani, Riina & Sini

For the whole of our lives, we have been able to continuously breathe whilst doing a variety of other activities, such as eating and sleeping. In addition, the majority of our team members wake up and practice breathing each and every day!

Two of our members, Jacob and Suvi, are able to wear glasses whilst working, whilst Sini and Riina are even able to talk and use computers! Last but not least, Jani, is a true gardening professional, and has been growing a thick ginger beard for several years!

So, if you were wondering who could be capable of organizing such an amazing event like Discovery Tuesday, here we are! The four Finns and the Foreigner!

If you want to see this inspiring team of professionals live in action, sign up for Jyväskylä’s greatest entrepreneurship training programme, Discovery Tuesday!

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