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How did Suvi, a mother & full-time professional, still find the time for Discovery Tuesday 2016?

Why should YOU join Discovery Tuesday?

I could ask, what is there to stop you, why not? Here is my Discovery Tuesday story.

I have been interested in entrepreneurship for a while already and all this start-up hype and phenomenon is very fascinating to me. So naturally I got interested when I first saw an ad of Discovery Tuesday in Autumn 2016. I didn’t quite know what it was all about, all I knew is that I would apply and find out.

It turned out to be quite the five-week adventure! Our team was a multicultural group of people of different ages and origins. I had teammates from Bangladesh, Russia, Canada, Vietnam, USA and Nepal. We also had the very best and supportive coach, Suvi Widgren. To me, Discovery Tuesday was a unique opportunity to meet new people, and share ideas with them in a totally open, supportive and “no-limits-environment”. I think the Discovery Tuesday crew that year did fantastic job in picking the super coaches, all of them were fantastic! It was almost unreal to be a part of this programme; to meet great people, see the best speakers in Finland, have a devoted coach, and all that for free!

Discovery Tuesday is a great place to test-drive your ideas, even the crazy ones not even your closest friends know. If you have never had a chance or the courage to go and share those hidden business ideas, it might be the time! And even if you don’t have the idea (yet), join! You never know, you could end up meeting a person with a killer idea, but no team to pull it off!

I am very grateful having met the greatest group of people and the most devoted coach. I learned that my ideas weren’t that bad at all. It wasn’t the time for my own business quite yet, the ideas are still growing. I made great friends and connections at DT, the most amazing thing is that I ended up working as a Business Development Specialist in one of my teammates’ Startup company. So you really never know where this programme might take you!

Obviously as a working mum I had too much time in my hands, I also got myself into organizing Discovery Tuesday 2017. I am very happy to be given this opportunity. We have the greatest team and the most ginger of us, Jani, leading us into great adventures. So what are you still waiting for?

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