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"DT was about shaping your ideas better and becoming better yourself"

It's always tricky to know beforehand if something you signed up for will actually be good value for your money or time. That is why we asked a couple of our participants from last year's Discovery Tuesday to share their experience with us! This is what they had to say about DT 2016.

Oleksiy Kovalenko from Ukraine:

“Discovery Tuesday 2016 was a great opportunity for many enthusiastic ideas to get professional assessment and feedback from professional coaches. Inspiring talks from guest lecturers revealed practical aspects of real business cases and gave insightful and inspiring “food for thought”.

It was also about meeting outstanding like-minded people, enthusiastic about their business ideas and willing to learn and share new knowledge. It was about training your pitching skills and practicing your presentation skills.

It was about making your dream a bit closer while meeting new friends and challenging yourself to shape your ideas better, to become better yourself. Thank you Discovery Tuesday!”

Janaleh Rosal from The Philippines:

“Joining Discovery Tuesday last year opened up for me a network of individuals with exciting ideas and skills ready to see how far it can go. The seminars prior to group interaction help you gain a greater understanding of how entrepreneurs in Finland managed to find success in their own fields.

Moving forward to the group activities, the mentorship helped you learn through other people's perspectives and from the side of Jyväskylä entrepreneurs who can see the commercialization potential of your idea. The interactions can help you refine your business strategy, determine its feasibility and improve it further. If you make it to the next stage, then Yritystehdas provides support for continuing your entrepreneurship aspirations.

Discovery Tuesday was a great program overall and as a student of International Business and Entrepreneurship, this was a valuable platform to activate my university studies, learn more about starting a business in a foreign country and expand my network in Finland.“

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