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Gain Practical Experience & Study Credits by Taking Part in the Discovery Tuesday programme!

The University of Jyväskylä is a strong, multidisciplinary university that educates experts in various fields. However, the degree as such, does not necessary anymore communicate the know-how and skills that the student has accumulated during his or her studies, especially in the so-called generalist fields. Thus, it is ever more important to learn how to recognize and productize ones know-how and skills. The situation is the same both for those, who want to establish a business of their own, as well as for those, who want to be employed by others.

Basic Study Module in Entrepreneurship for university students

The University of Jyväskylä School of Business and Economics offers a Basic study module in entrepreneurship (min. 25 ECTS) for minor subject students. It includes a variety of practice-based courses that focus on developing students’ abilities to recognize and productize their know-how and skills. One of these courses is the brand new URAA1010 Entrepreneurship in Action (2-5 ECTS), which allows students to gain study credits by taking part in entrepreneurship related events, such as Discovery Tuesday –programme.

Discovery Tuesday –programme is aimed at budding startup entrepreneurs, who are looking for opportunities to team up with experts in different fields in order to create new business ideas. Thus, instead of “Lonely riders”, the programme supports the formation of multidisciplinary teams that is at the heart of the startup culture. The teams will be coached by expert entrepreneurs and the creation of business ideas is further boosted by highly acclaimed serial entrepreneurs.

Test your business idea in practice: welcome to Ideasta toiminnaksi – NY Start Up -course

The generation of new, innovative business ideas is at the heart of Discovery Tuesday –programme. However, five weeks of intense coaching does not necessary allow the testing of the ideas in practice. This problem is solved by the fact that the students can take part in other courses that allow them to advance their existing business ideas. Among these courses are Ideasta toiminnaksi – NY Start Up –courses (offered only in Finnish, so far) that unite the students of the university of Jyväskylä, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, and HUMAK University of Applied Sciences. During the courses the students are able to test the entrepreneurial potential of their ideas by establishing student companies that operate in the real world using real money.

In case you are interested in entrepreneurship, please visit the following address (in Finnish only):

…and remember to apply for the Discovery Tuesday –programme!

Päivi Patja

University Teacher in charge of the Basic Study Module in Entrepreneurship

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