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Coaches for DT 2017 are now published!

We have the pleasure to introduce our local entrepreneur coaches for Discovery Tuesday 2017! These experienced coaches will be given a team to be lead and they will surely be in a key role in helping the participants to get the best out of themselves.

Without further ado, here they are:


He is an entrepreneur, bike-enthusiast and part-time procrastinator. He has worked in various projects, from restaurant business to coaching and event management. He is highly interested in new innovations and all sorts of crazy gadgets. He is looking forward to see all the participants and work with the new ideas!


Timo has worked as an entrepreneur almost all his life and has taken part in startups as well as more traditional businesses. His profession is engineer in ICT and his strengths are team leadership and managing big entities. Even so, what he likes doing the most is to sit at his computer and do coding. Databases and the entireties built around them are what Timo is best at. “You can come and talk to me about anything related to entrepreneurship and if I don’t know the answer to it, I know who to ask about it. See you at DT and let’s go rule the world!”


Antti Jokipii is a really experienced serial entrepreneur from the field of ICT. Previously, he has founded the company called Music.Info and has worked as Director of Technology for multiple companies.


”The best time to start your own business was yesterday - so TEESSE”

She is an entrepreneur and one of the founders of Young Leaders Academy Ltd/ZestMark with a mission to help young people to build their resilience and entrepreneurial skills. Before starting her own company, Anu did a career in event management, as she was one the founders and makers of the first hip hop festival in Finland, called Pipefest. Now she’s been entrepreneur for ten years and thinks that best time becoming an entrepreneur was yesterday. She is married, has two children, loves dogs and likes DJing in her leisure time.

If you need any help with these; courage, networks and self-management, Anu is there for you!


Leona took part in Discovery Tuesday last year. Not only is she the CEO in a startup company called Te?ted Oy but also associate professor in cell and molecular biology and teacher in University of Jyväskylä. This multitalented lady definitely has a can-do attitude and she is also very innovative, startup oriented and a supportive coach.


Joona is a serial entrepreneur with experience in running a gaming company and an advertising agency, not to mention consulting some Northern Europe’s largest companies with financial management. He’s part of several smaller but expansive companies as an investor or member of Advisory Board. Joona has a focused and concrete approach to doing business which is also seen in his style of coaching - he encourages entrepreneurs to seize their key figures and to truly understand their standing point in the markets.


Teo is interested in learning and has specialized on teamlearning. He enjoys public speaking and discussing ideas. During the last few years of creating different projects, he has learned being comfortable with the uncertain and chaos.

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