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"How will the idea and goals of DT be executed?"

We have gotten some questions regarding the structure of the programme; how is it all built together? Is there a clear structure to how the business ideas are meant to be created in only five weeks?

We created this little piece of presentation to showcase the 5 themes; Idea Creation, Building the Right Team, How to Generate Income, and finally, Creating the Perfect Pitch. In the end, it will all culminate to the Grande Final at Jyväskylä City Hall, where the best 10 idea will be pitched in front of a professional jury.

Below, you can find out more about some key points related to each theme that will be discussed during the five meetings:

Only a few days to go before kicking off Discovery Tuesday 2017!! The organizing team couldn't be more excited to meet all of our enthusiastic and innovative participants so soon!

- DT Team 2017

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